The Best of Bulgaria

The Best of Bulgaria, whose target is to promote the motto “Because We Love Bulgaria” to tourists and business people, as well as Bulgarians at home and abroad, and their friends and family, is a series of iOS and Android apps that are equally at home on smart phones and tablets.

The Project was initiated by and is currently financed by Dr. Barbara Page-Roberts, a UK national, resident and doing business in Bulgaria for many years. In partnership with Evgeni Dimitrov of Bulfoto Agency, she has created a team of young Bulgarian professionals who all love Bulgaria and want to share their pride in its people and heritage with the world.


After many months of discussions with potential marketing partners, Tectrice Consult Inc has, in March 2017, signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with the Bulgarian National Tourism Board to co-promote all that Bulgaria has to offer in terms of culture, nature, tourism and investment, based on The Best of Bulgaria applications. We expect to formally launch this joint activity in June 2017, following information sharing and development of a joint marketing plan.

We also offer to Tourism Authorities, both national and regional, the opportunity to create their own ‘The Best of…….’, either by licensing our software or by purchasing a turnkey package from Tectrice Consult.

The diversity of Bulgaria from ‘Bulgaria in Pictures’ section of the app….

For more information please visit The Best of Bulgaria website.

 And check out the app here

Contact Details

BG mobile: 0886 600054

US Mobile: 702 277 1564

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