Dr Barbara Page Roberts

Barbara is an international marketing consultant who has spent a lifetime running businesses in diverse industries and countries, as well as having a family. She is also a popular public speaker especially on women’s issues, and on doing business in Bulgaria over the past 32 years.

She set up her own company in 1987, which grew rapidly, took in many different industries – a lamp manufacturing equipment business based in UK, a pharmaceutical distribution business based in Bulgaria, an international project holding business based in UK, and a trading business based in UK, Moscow and Sofia, and others. Thus she saw the collapse of communism first hand, and the after-effects, especially in Bulgaria. Her holding company was wound up in 1997 following an expensive legal dispute with the new owner of the lamp equipment company which was sold in 1995, and Barbara took up consultancy in various roles – including interim management for two network marketing companies, and various international marketing assignments in Bulgaria and US.

She set up Tectrice Consult in Bulgaria upon returning to the country from USA in 2002, with a view primarily to looking into pre-accession and post-accession funding programmes from EU for specific industry interests, including tourism and sme development.


Barbara’s extensive business experience, as well as her life experience to date can be found at her website.

Contact Details


BG mobile: 0886 600054

US Mobile: 702 277 1564

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